About Us

About Herbacée

Infusé de Cannabis. Celebrating Mother Nature’s bounty, Herbacée explores the divine connection between cannabis and the grapevine. Balancing a perfect combination of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, tannins, and terroir, our botanical-driven nonalcoholic cannabis-infused products bring together the best of both worlds, highlighting the natural characteristics that are expressed by these sacred plants.

Launching with our sparkling beverage line, Herbacée is the nation’s first cannabis-infused nonalcoholic wine that pays homage to traditional French-inspired wine blends. Très chic.

Drawing inspiration from Bordeaux, Rhône, Provence, Champagne, Loire, and France’s other world-class wine regions, Herbacée showcases the art of blending. Translated as “Herbaceous” in French, our botanical beverages highlight a selection of nonalcoholic cannabis-infused wines and other infused elixirs that incorporate unique wine blends to harmonize on the palate.

Commemorating healing botanicals and the organic properties that make plants, flowers, and herbs so extraordinary, we invite you to celebrate the flower and the vine with Herbacée. A votre santé!