Our Process

What is Herbacée?

As with any great wine, quality begins in the vineyard. Herbacée grapes come from carefully selected vineyard sites that beautifully express the characteristics of each grape variety, imparting a true sense of terroir. Harvested at optimal ripeness, our grapes are sorted, pressed, and placed into stainless steel tanks where the juice is inoculated with yeast to begin the fermentation process. Once residual sugar levels are considered dry, the beverage is finished using traditional winemaking techniques before it goes through dealcoholization to remove the alcohol.

This is where the magic happens! With advances in the dealcoholization process and by utilizing the most state-of-the-art nanoemulsion technology available, Herbacée captures the important grape components, but without the alcohol. Combine this with our proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids (namely THC and CBD), and voila!, Herbacée cannabis-infused beverages.

Each serving of Herbacée features a proprietary blend of THC and CBD crafted by Vertosa, the cannabis industry’s leading advanced infusion technology partner. Working with BevZero based in Santa Rosa, California to craft our nonalcoholic wine blends, the initial Herbacée launch features wine sourced from premier wine regions located in California. As import restrictions related to COVID-19 are repealed, Herbacée will include French wines as the base for our boutique cannabis-infused products.

What is Nanoemulsion Technology?

When creating cannabis-infused beverages, you must combine an extracted form of cannabis containing CBD or THC with a liquid (i.e. dealcoholized wine). When you extract from cannabis, you are typically extracting oils, which do not mix with water gracefully. In order to integrate phytocannabinoids into the drink seamlessly, nanoemulsion technology introduces a surfactant solution into the cannabis drink, which lowers the surface tension of water, making the molecules less likely to stick to themselves and more likely to interact with oil. By agitating this mixture together, the CBD or THC that’s in the drink is broken into tiny nanoscopic droplets which are then coated by the surfactant, making the compounds water-suspended (the oil can no longer separate out from the liquid). The end result is a well-made cannabis-infused beverage.

Does Herbacée Contain Alcohol?

In line with California’s cannabis regulations, Herbacée legally contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume which will not impart any side effects related to consuming alcohol. Instead, you might experience some relaxing and euphoric effects from our custom blend of THC and CBD after enjoying Herbacée products.

How Does it Work?

When consumed safely and responsibly, cannabis-infused beverages are a wonderful alternative to alcohol. Similar to drinking a glass of traditional wine or beer, Herbacée provides a relaxing and enjoyable drinking experience fit for any occasion. Due to the low-dose nature of this infused drink, it can also be consumed with friends in a sessionable way; however, the challenge is finding your perfect dose, which might take some experimentation.

As with all cannabis products, remember to start low and go slow. When consuming cannabis drinks at home, pay close attention to potency and dosing, especially with products containing THC.

For beginners, start with one serving of Herbacée and see how you feel. Remember to be patient and don’t double down if you don’t feel immediate effects. It’s better to revisit the dosage and try it again on another day than to accidentally over-serve yourself (or your friends).

Herbacée beverages are also a wonderful addition to a number of mixed drinks! Keep an eye out for our signature recipes that will inspire the senses.

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